Dear Bartley Collector,

 Let me start off by saying thank you.  Thank you to all of our wonderful Bartley collectors that have been with us for so long. We could not have done what we did for so many years without you, our customers, sticking with us through thick and thin. You have been the driving force behind us to make quality reproductions and to always strive to be the best at what we do. That said, all good things come to an end eventually.

 With that in mind, George and I have decided that this year will be our last as Bartley's owners.  George will be retiring to spend more time with family, especially his four grandchildren! He also plans to travel as much as possible and see what he has been missing!  I will be moving on to something else, possibly in the woodworking business but... who knows?


So there it is. Although we will be open for business for some time, probably until the end of the year, we wanted you, our valued customers to know now what the future holds.  

We still have a fair but limited amount of product on our shelves and will be selling this throughout the year. We will not be doing any large production runs this year. However, we will be putting together some Seconds and mixed wood kits from our parts stock throughout this year. These kits are perfect for painting and many will be just fine for staining. So if you have had your eye on a piece that we have not offered in a while don't lose hope! If you are on our mailing list you will be getting regular updates on what is available and on any special promotions. If you are not on our mailing list I urge you to sign up now.


Finally, if there is anyone out there who would be interested in buying Bartley and keeping a fine tradition going, let us know! We would certainly love to see that happen.

 It has been an honor serving you for the last eight years as Bartley's owners. The best part of this journey has been the great friends we have met along the way, who have always been quick with praise and slow to criticize. So many of our customers are extraordinary people and we have enjoyed getting to know you all! The year ahead will be difficult for all of us at Bartley but we know that we have great supporters out there that will make this final year a great one!


Yours Sincerely,

Bob Stenecker and George Kilgallon